Information about application

EviNor is extraordinary, sophisticated and in-practice proven information system in the area of standardization, which is unique due to its focus, complexity, contents integrity any many other useful properties, such as searching for similar standards of other countries, EU Directives and Governmental decrees of the Czech Republic. The open system is designed especially to make work more simplified and accurate in the departments of technical standardization. It shall be used not only for registering the national and the corporate standards but also to register foreign and international standards. The system allows easy and accurate management of standards in accordance with ISO 9000 and similar regulations.

If you own files of standards in electronic pdf or doc format, you can view the full text of standards. You will get information on existence up-to-date and historical (cancelled) standards, you can keep register of store of standards, borrowing agenda and order service.

In a special library, you may keep register of documents issued by your company which are related to technical standards and in which the changes of standards may affect their contents. This includes e.g. corporate directives, catalogs, drawings, etc. Of course, you may search all the libraries in the system using various keys. The users appreciate searching words of the title entered in random order, and creation of print reports of the items individually requested by each user.

Purchase of the system will bring you much information, accurate register of technical standards and their users for management systems and you will substitute manual processing with a sophisticated computer system.

Try free of charge for 14 days

Test EviNor free of charge for 14 days. Demo version is only different in number of records which might be found. Signing of the demo version is really easy.

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Catalogs of standards contain

  • czech standards ČSN, TNI, PNE, HŽ, TŽ, ČOS, TPG, TDG, TD, TIN, TNV and TNO
  • slovak standards STN, TPP and TNI
  • american standards ASTM, ASME, SAE, UOP and ANSI
  • german standards DIN, AD 2000, VDA and WB
  • austrian standards ÖNORM and ÖVE
  • british standards BS
  • polish standards PN, PKN
  • dutch standards NEN, NPR
  • japanese standards JIS
  • chinese standards GB
  • russian standards GOST
  • spanish standards UNE
  • international standards ISO, IEC, and IEEE
  • international regulations UIC
  • european standards EN and ETSI
  • Your own records

Regular updates

Update of data is done several times a week to ensure that users have still up-to-date information. After update, the user is clearly informed on borrowed, archive and volume standards, which were cancelled (including substitutes) or changed within update . The user shall receive the same information also for related documents, or products.

Technical, installation and licensing conditions

To open the application, you must have updated web browser (Google Chrome, Torch, FireFox, Opera, Microsoft Edge). Computer with minimum resolution 1024 x 768 must have an Internet access, operation system, minimum Windows 7 (Service pack 1).

You can use one licence for more computers. That means a 'Floating licence' is used. So EviNor may be started from any number of network stations, but in the same moment it may only be launched on the number of corresponding to the purchased number of licences. Data protection is ensured by access rights and passwords allocated individually to each user.

Each user can choose language environment, in Czech or English language.

Try free of charge for 14 days

Test EviNor free of charge for 14 days. Demo version is only different in number of records which might be found. Signing of the demo version is really easy.

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